What type of connector do I need to attach an encoder to my system?

Posted by Brian Winter | View all of Brian's blogs on Nov 1, 2021 3:27:18 PM

There are many different connectors available for use on encoders. The most popular are the 10 pin MS connector and the 10 pin Industrial Connector. Both offer excellent performance but have their strong points in certain applications.

The MS Connector has better moisture and vibration resistance and is better suited in outdoor applications or areas of very heavy water exposure. The downside to this connector is that the mating plug has solder terminations which are less convenient for installers.

The Industrial EPIC style connector is rectangular and has a quick disconnect feature. It is gasketed but not suitable for high vibration or severe water exposure. This connector is very popular due to the screw terminals used in the mating connector. No soldering is required so installations tend to be faster. The Industrial Connector is a great general-purpose connector for the large majority of encoder applications with the above environmental considerations in mind.

Other connector styles include a cable with pigtail leads or the 10 pin Industrial Connector attached, terminal box or MS connector on a 5' flexible conduit, conduit condulet, and on smaller encoders, 10 pin MS connectors with special length cables pre-wired to the mating plug and European style M12 connectors. We even offer older style encoder connectors for use as replacements for classic encoders. We offer connectors and wiring schemes to replace competitive encoders so existing mating plugs may be used without modifications.

Check out our Cables and Connectors page or contact our encoder help desk for more information.

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