Reliable Encoders for Critical Applications

Posted by Brian Winter | View all of Brian's blogs on Sep 8, 2021 10:22:40 AM

Do you need a reliable encoder for a critical application? All Avtron™ Encoders are built to the same rugged standards with respect to the electronics inside. Mechanically, however, there are some differences. 70% of encoder failures are mechanical, consisting primarily of bearing and coupling failures. Eliminate failures with these designs:

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How to Retrofit Encoders on Old Motors

Posted by Brian Winter | View all of Brian's blogs on May 24, 2021 3:35:24 PM

If you need to retrofit encoders onto old motors that presently have analog tachogenerators mounted on them, what should you use?

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Reduce Encoder Failures

This blog is dedicated to finding and eliminating encoder failures on heavy duty industrial equipment.

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   - Wind Power
   - Cranes
   - Mining
   - Metals
   - Marine
   - Pulp & Paper

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