Reliable Encoders for Critical Applications

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Do you need a reliable encoder for a critical application? All Avtron™ Encoders are built to the same rugged standards with respect to the electronics inside. Mechanically, however, there are some differences. 70% of encoder failures are mechanical, consisting primarily of bearing and coupling failures. Eliminate failures with these designs:

  • Some encoders that eliminate bearings and couplings are the SMARTach III™ (AV125 and AV850) and the THIN-LINE III™ (AV56, AV67, AV85) models. These encoders are two-piece devices. A rotor mounts on the motor shaft and a stator/housing mounts on a mechanical flange on the motor. Sensors in the stator/housing sense the magnetic poles on the rotor. In effect the motor bearings become the encoder bearings, and no coupling is required. The electronics are fully potted and sealed against water, oil, and other contaminants.
  • Motors without machined accessory faces may be able to use any one of our hollow shaft encoders. These encoders mount directly on a motor stub shaft extension. They do have a dual bearing assembly but eliminate the coupling and adapter flange. Select our severe duty AV685 for the heaviest bearings, best seals, fully potted/sealed electronics, and longest life.
  • Checkout our full selection guide by application to help assist you or contact us for more information.


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